Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

Want To Incorporate Fencing Into Your Landscaping? 3 Ways To Keep It Looking Natural

by Norman Beck

Making your yard more private often requires the project of adding fencing, but this can be a tough decision for you to make if you're concerned about making your yard too structured. If you want the landscaping to continue to be the main star in your yard and don't want the fencing to be too intrusive, it's important that you look into how you can manage adding fencing without getting rid of your favorite features.

Before relying on professionals for installing the fencing or shortly after doing so, take the time to consider the following landscaping projects you can implement.

Add Hedges Along the Fencing

One way to disguise the look of the fencing surrounding your property is through adding some hedging. Tall hedges that are planted alongside the fence can add a disguise the way that the fencing looks and help it blend in better with the rest of your yard. The variety of hedges and flexibility over how tall your fence is can help ensure that you're able to get the unique look that you want and have the capability of controlling how much fencing is visible when looking out at your yard.

Consider Planting Climbing Vines

An easy way to make your yard more appealing is through planting vines that can climb up the height of the fencing. This is a natural looking way to disguise fencing that could look out of place on your property. Making sure to choose vines that won't grow out of control and won't cause damage to your fencing and can help ensure that you're able to get a look that you like and won't need to worry about the fence being completely obvious. The vines can add some color to the fencing as well, especially if you select vines that bloom with flowers or change color with the seasons.

Choose a Natural Looking Fence

The type of fencing that you have in your yard can make a big impact in the way that it looks. From wooden fencing to chain-link or Plexiglas, you have a lot of options over how the fencing will look. With this in mind, you should consider what kinds of steps you can take towards making sure that the fence doesn't feel out of place.

As you prepare for having fencing installed in your yard, it's a smart idea to focus on making it fit in with the way that you want your yard to look. For more information, talk to a professional like Buyrningwood Farm Inc.


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Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

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