Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

Dog Digging Under Your Fence? 3 Ways to Prevent It From Happening

by Norman Beck

The purpose of having a fence may be to keep a dog contained to your yard, but this won't matter if they find creative ways to dig under it so they can escape.  Thankfully, there are techniques that you can use to prevent this from happening.  Here are three ways you can keep a dog from potentially digging under your fence.

Use Concrete

A common method used to prevent digging is to use concrete.  The concrete doesn't have to ruin the aesthetics of a yard because it won't be visible above ground either.  Instead, a thin strip of concrete is installed next to the fence, but under the ground level.  You could cover the concrete in dirt or grass, and when the dog goes to dig, they will discover that they can't get past the concrete. 

Extend Your Fence Under the Ground

For large yards, concrete may not be an option due to how big of a task it is.  An alternative solution that is effective will be to extend your fence under the ground.  Burying the fence a few extra inches would be enough to make it difficult for a dog to dig under the material, keeping them secure inside your yard.  Of course, this is harder to do with an existing fence, but it's a great idea if you are getting a new one.

Keep in mind that this method is best for materials that are not made out of wood, since the moisture in the ground will cause the wood to rot.  Do this only if you are using material like vinyl or aluminum.  In addition, you may need to extend the top of the fence to make up for the lost height, to prevent a dog from jumping over it.  You can do this by placing a lattice on top, which is both decorative and practical.

Install an Invisible Dog Fence

If you have an existing fence that you do not want to modify, you can always use it in conjunction with an invisible dog fence.  Place the wire several feet away from the inside of your fence, which will prevent a dog from getting close enough where they can start digging.  This is great for homeowners that want a smaller decorative fence as well, which is simply not practical for containing a dog. 

Ready to install or modify your fence to keep your dog secure? Contact a local fencing company like AAA Fence and Gates for more information.


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Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

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