Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

How To Pick Out The Right Fence For Your Yard When You Own A Dog

by Norman Beck

If you are in the market for a new fence for your yard, and you own a dog, then it requires a bit of planning. The type of fence you choose will depend on a few variables. These include if there are other dogs in the area and if your dog is the type who is prone to want to wander off. It's important to consider all of the issues before you have a fence installed so that you don't run into problems afterward and need to have it dug up and a new one set in. Here are issues to consider and some fence options to think about.

No Other Dogs In The Area

If you live in a rural area where there are not a lot of homes nearby, you might want a fence to line the road. It doesn't have to be a privacy fence, but you still should establish a property boundary so people know your land from the road, and they are less likely to drive up and enter your space. These fences don't have to be as tight or "dense" as classic picket fences. You could get away with a beautiful residential split rail fence. These will run the length of your property line and help keep passing drivers off. Also, since there are no neighbor dogs that you have to be wary of, you don't have to worry about the split rail fence not being a solid "wall".

Now, if your dog is the type who likes to run off the property, you might think that this fence is not a feasible design. But a long picket fence won't look great in a rural area, it will seem a bit out of place. So a great workable solution is to get an electrical dog fence to integrate into the split rail design. You can get a collar that has transponders located near the split rail fence posts. Then, should the dog start to wander off, they will get that little buzz which will send them back. Of course, if your dog doesn't roam far from your property, then this is unnecessary and all you need is the split rail fence.

Dogs In The Area

If you live in a community where there are other dogs, then you will have to choose a fence that has more of a barrier design. The split rail won't prevent stray dogs from running onto your lawn. Also, your dog might be tempted to run past the fence even if you install the electronic dog fence addition. That slight buzz might not stop your dog should they see another dog outside and want to run out and play or fight. So, you should choose either a wood picket fence or an aluminum fence. Both of these will create a barrier, but they won't seal you off visually like a privacy fence will. The wood picket fence can be natural and stained, or you can paint it. The aluminum fence be made to look like black cast iron if you are not a fan of the plain looking aluminum. For more information, visit sites like


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Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

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