Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

What Fence Materials Need The Least Maintenance?

by Norman Beck

A fence is a simple and functional way to increase security around your property. However, one of the main worries that property owners have when installing fences is that some materials might be too expensive or high maintenance. That said, you can get an affordable material that doesn't cost you endless resources trying to maintain it. Here are some options to assess if you have been looking for a low-cost and low-maintenance option.

Fences Made from Cedar

Most people steer clear of wood when choosing fence materials. In most cases, this comes from the notion that when wood comes into contact with moisture, it rots and starts disintegrating, leading to expensive repair costs. That said, you should know that not all types of wood succumb to water damage. For example, cedar is one species whose natural oils repel water. Also, it has natural compounds that repel bugs, so you will not have to deal with pest damage. Further, reputable fencing companies have found ways to farm cedar trees sustainably since they have a short maturity span. Given this, you don't have to worry about sustainability when you choose this fencing material.

Vinyl Fence Types

Vinyl is another common fence material from polyvinyl chloride, a strong type of plastic. Naturally, exposure to water and heat does not damage it. More so, dust doesn't stick to it, so you don't have to worry about cleaning and removing stubborn stains. Vinyl is also easy to cut and manipulate into various shapes, which makes it a versatile fence material for different uses. In addition, you can customize it for sloping, flat and uneven terrain. That said, the upfront cost of installing vinyl might be higher than wood and other traditional materials. However, the long-term value and service you will get from this material will eventually cancel out this cost.

Ornamental Fence Materials

Very few people would think about ornamental fences when looking for low-maintenance options. However, those made with materials like aluminum, wrought iron, and steel are beautiful, study, and low-maintenance. The only servicing you might need for these fences is the occasional touch-up coat that protects them from UV rays or moisture damage. Further, an annual or biannual maintenance check will be enough to keep yours in excellent condition.

These are just a few examples of fences that need little maintenance. However, consult a local fencing company, and gain their perspective before choosing a specific one. Depending on your property, locality, and terrain, they approve of a single material or a few options. Whatever the case, you should consider paying a little extra for expert-preferred options, as the value will be apparent with time.


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Keeping Kitty Contained in a Fenced in Yard

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